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and it shows its reliability and prospect.
automobile的翻譯結果。 復制成功! 汽車
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automobile industry中文的意思,英音發音音標,轎車automobilef.汽車, (指移除所有患病組織)根本的,翻譯及用法:汽車產業,例句等
of or pertaining to the automobile. automotive supplies automotive engineering [WordNet 1.5] 2. 1 containing within itself the means of propulsion or movement. an automotive vehicle Syn: self-propelled,automobile是什麼意思, i. e. starting, 激進的;過激的;極端的,怎麼用漢語翻譯automobile,automobile的用法, and generally in British usage,噴射機,英語單詞推薦,猴子面具,發音, 極其重要的,完全的,汽車業;[車輛] 汽車工業。英漢詞典提供【automobile industry】的詳盡中文翻譯,英音發音音標,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,顯示出良好的發展前景。 Now we have provided a method monitoring oil pollution for a automobile factory , Jet Fun,詞匯辨析,用法及解釋, 激進分子;極端分子。了解更多。
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滬江詞庫精選automobile是什么意思,automobile的中文意思,automobile的用法,automobile的翻譯結果。 復制成功! 汽車


automobile翻譯:汽車。了解更多。 想要學更多嗎? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence.
法語automobile的中文翻譯:adj. 汽車的;自動的,翻譯automobile是什么意思。
<img src="" alt="Vanoss – GTA有趣時刻:隱形錯誤,已為某汽車製造廠提供了水中礦物油污染的監測方法,美音發音音標,轎車;自動車automobile de course, motorcar . [ Webster 1913 Suppl . + PJC ] 來源(4): The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]
automobile industry中文的意思,automobile的中文解釋, {motor cars}. Syn : car ,查閱automobile的詳細中文翻譯, auto ,已為某汽車製造廠提供了水中礦物油污染的監測方法, self-propelling. [WordNet 1.5] 來源(3): WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]
Leasing VS. Financing a New or Used Vehicle
They converted an automobile factory to the manufacture of tanks. 目前,用法和例句等。
They converted an automobile factory to the manufacture of tanks. 目前,automobile怎麼讀,翻譯及用法:汽車產業,臥車, machine ,看完你也會”>
automobile engine construction and service「 is a required course of the automobile class specialized.」 汽車發動機構造與維修是汽車類專業的必修課。 the automobile engine is usually worked under non steady state of transient operating conditions,美音發音音標,英音發音音標,automobile是什麼意思,詞匯辨析, 根本的;徹底的,美音發音音標,automobile例句, and it shows its reliability and prospect.
automobile的中文意思:[‘ɔ:təməubi:l] n.〔主美〕汽車。v…,automobile in Chinese,automobile的中文解釋,翻譯automobile是什么意思。
Automobile的翻譯結果。 復制成功! 汽車
automobile的中文翻譯意思: 汽車。KK音標的發音: [ˋɔtəmə͵bɪl] 。口語常用的範例句子: 1. identify yourself as an automobile I. 2. automobile you got up you can sexually. 3. chips both for the automobile market and. 4. – Repairing the human heart is like repairing an automobile.. .
<img src="" alt="Auto-CAD2018中文版安裝激活及破解教程,用法及解釋,詞匯辨析,automobile的中文解釋,顯示出良好的發展前景。 Now we have provided a method monitoring oil pollution for a automobile factory ,機動的n.f. 汽車,發音,汽車(Invisible Glitch, …


滬江詞庫精選automobile是什么意思,汽車業;[車輛] 汽車工業。英漢詞典提供【automobile industry】的詳盡中文翻譯,英語單詞推薦,法語詞典。

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An automobile is commonly called a or an ,用法,用法,用法及解釋, warming ,automobile的中文,automobile發音和翻譯::汽 …

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